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MT-1908Pro Max

Achieve breakthrough productivity with MT industrial-grade dye sublimation solutions.

MT-1908Pro Max

Achieve breakthrough productivity with MT industrial-grade dye sublimation solutions.

What is Dye Sublimation Printing?

Dye sublimation printing is the printing process that involves dyes changing states directly from solids to gas when it’s heated. During the dye sublimation printing process, the design is printed onto the transfer paper first with an inkjet printer. Then the ink is heat transferred from the paper onto the fabric by using a heat press machine. Upon being transferred, the heat changes the ink from its solid state to the gas phase, enters and becomes fully infused the polyester fibers, allowing for a more permanent print.

Made with an affordable, professional-grade dye-sublimation printer that delivers exceptional reliability, consistently and professionally prints highly detailed, photographic-quality graphics for small to large production runs. Whether you are a novice or a veteran, MT-1908Pro Max printer is a profitable high-quality dye-sublimation printer.


The Creativity of MT-P1908 Pro Max

Compared to inkjet printing on other materials like paper or vinyl, dye sublimation is a more involved process since it involves multiple steps. But don’t worry. With MT-P1908promax printers, dye sublimation can be a pleasant and profitable business.

Dye sublimation printer is best for adding printed images to polyester, polyester resin-coated materials, knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, polyester-cotton textiles, and more. MT-P1908promax printer has a maximum media width of 1900mm. In addition to this,  It is also often used on ceramic, PVC, and polymer materials, so is well-suited for printing designs on polyester-coated aluminum as well as polymer-treated plastic, aluminum, glass, fiberglass, and other rigid substrates.

Choose a printer based on the level of versatility that suits your application.

Textile - Commercial Dye - P1908Pro Max_appli_interior fabric-01
Interior Decor
Textile - Commercial Dye - P1908Pro Max_appli_sports apparel-01
Sports Apparel
Textile - Commercial Dye - P1908Pro Max_appli_fashion apparel-01
Fashion Apparel
Textile - Commercial Dye - P1908Pro Max_appli_soft signage-003
Soft Signage

Dye sublimation also excels in:


The dye sublimation process continuously blends all colors and processes them all at once, creating a seamless image.


Ink is embedded throughout the substrate, so it will last longer than traditional inks and is waterproof.


Vaporization is more effective at yielding accurate prints; the high heat and coating process also make it highly unlikely for ink to smudge.

MT-P1908 Pro Max is the right choice for those is looking for: high-productivity, top-performance and the best workflow planning for the full production process.

MT-P1908Pro Max

Specifications and Functions

A super quick machine that is advantageous from the first performance.

Speed, quality, reliability and consistency are our most advanced MT-P1908promax wide format dye sublimation printers.


Max Print Speed


Print resolution


Print Head height


Ink droplet size


Machine price

Outstanding productivity and quality at a lower cost

Now you can aim higher with MT-P1908promax, the 4-color sublimation printer that sets a new standard in fashion and sportswear production. Built for industrial production, with max print speed 662m²/h output and an outstanding quality of up to 1200 dpi, MT is the most productive printer in its class. Combined with up to 20% less ink consumption MT-P1908promax offers a fast ROI when really put to work. MT-P1908promax print speeds combined with its multiple possible configurations make it possible to satisfy the most competitive time-to-markets.Eventually you can replace multiple low-end printers with just one robust industrial printer that can do it all.

MT-P1908Pro Max Print Speed
Less ink, better quality

Excellent Epson S3200-A1 print heads and high-density inks from MT results in 30%-50% less ink consumption for the same designs, only with better definition and more vivid colors. On top of lower ink consumption, extensive testing in fashion production showed that MT-P1908promax delivers superior quality at 300 x 600 dpi compared to competitors with higher specifications. Don’t just take our word for it, ask for samples.

Top Tips for Conserving Ink:
Proven inkjet technology

MT-P1908promax comprises proven technologies that ensure maximum uptime. Such as a modular degassing system, directly at the print heads, that eliminates the risk of air bubbles in the print heads. The highly accurate print head carriage accommodates for 8 print heads and is built to last for heavy use. And a hot swap ink bottle system allows you to refuel without interrupting print jobs. This and more features amount to a robust ink system that is at the heart of uninterrupted printing capacity.

Textile - Commercial Dye - P1908Pro Max_ink drop normal_001
Normal Dots

Uniform dot sizes

Textile - Commercial Dye - P1908Pro Max_ink drop variable_001
Variable Dots

5/7/12 PL dot sizes

Seamless work flow, Anyone can operate it 

With precision printing and reliable production, MT-P1908promax is designed to provide its full potential in any production environment. We made sure anyone can operate it and put great effort in a user-friendly design of the touch screen panel that allows for easy control over the complete system. Operators can work with clear job tickets, access the complete print history, perform color or print head recovery easily and check real time production information. We’ll support you using it anyway.

Trouble free paper handling

Save significantly on paper costs with the advanced printing and drying system of MT-P1908promax. The wide vacuum table offers high speed paper control and allows for lower weight paper. An adjustable cold air ventilation system provides more stability and easier paper drying, while the compact feeder and take up system for diameter rolls ensure easy operation. From adjustable dancer bar, for perfect tension and speed, to the hot contact area for paper drying, it all sums up to trouble free paper handling that will save you time and money.

Tension Roller Fuction
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More Product Details

Textile - Commercial Dye - P1908Pro Max_functions_Lamp Clamps-001
Lamp Clamps

These polished steel clamps which can be found on either side of the machine help prevent the material edge from curling when fed into the printer.

Textile - Commercial Dye - P1908Pro Max_functions_Brush Rollers-001
Brush Rollers

Smoothen out the material to be printed on, thereby preventing any wrinkles from forming and affecting print quality and design accuracy.

Textile - Commercial Dye - P1908Pro Max_functions_Linear Maglev Motor-001
Linear Maglev Motor

These are high-precision guide rail beams that help enhance printing speed and accuracy. Metal Grating Allows for more precise ink jetting at high speeds allowing for longer service life.

Textile - Commercial Dye - P1908Pro Max_functions_Head Crash Protective System-001
Head Crash Protective System

Utilizes two laser beam sensors to detect any unevenness in the printing media and stops printing when any such unevenness is detected to prevent failed designs.

Why We Choose
Epson S3200 Inkjet Printhead ?

Epson S3200 Inkjet Printhead

High Density Printhead
PrecisionCore Technology

All MEMS manufacturing and thin film piezo element can realize high precision and high density (600npi/2 rows of nozzles). Contributes to miniaturization, high speed, high quality, and high image quality. Precision made of Epson unique MEMS nozzles and an ink flow path ensure the perfectly round ink droplets are placed accurately and consistently.

Support for grey-scale

Epson's unique Variable Sized Droplet Technology (VSDT) delivers smooth gradation by freely control to eject the droplet volume.

Effective print width:120.2mm(4.73")
High Productivity

The wide printing width of 120.2mm (4.73 inches) is excellent for high production. Minimum-pass printing is possible because there is very little variation between nozzles.


Highly scalable S-shape design can realize space-saving for increasing productivity and multi-colours. Contributes to miniaturize the printer.


A high-precision positioning hole allow the user to replace the head quickly and efficiently without further adjustments.

High durability

PrecisionCore print head has proven high durability and extended service life by Epson's industrial printers.


You’ll Need to Use a Specific Type of Ink.

Transferring of design or text or graphic onto the fabric requires the ink to be converted into the gaseous form. The chemical process for dye sublimation is very specific, and hence you will need to use a particular type of ink called disperse ink or dye. It is also known as dye-sub ink.High temperatures allow ink to transfer to items without migration, cracking, or smudge because the ink becomes an integral part of the printed product, does not fade over time, and is completely washable. This makes sublimation inks highly reliable and durable, in addition to the high level of accuracy that can be reached using this type of ink and printing technique. 

The long-lasting sublimation ink is highly recommended for a variety of printed products, When approaching a printing task that calls for a detailed print, sublimation ink should definitely be considered. It’s important to make sure that the printed fabric can handle the high temperature and pressure involved in the dye sublimation process, as some fabrics, like cotton, might be damaged due to these conditions.

Disperse dyes have a vibrant gamut and some manufacturers  like MT have introduced fluorescent inks to further push the gamut towards being more vibrant!

Textile - Commercial Dye - P1908Pro Max_sublimation ink_000
Textile - Commercial Dye - P1908Pro Max_sublimation ink_fluorescent color_001
Choosing Dye Sublimation Inks

MT includes dye sublimation inks, reactive dye inks, textile pigment inks, and other ink options with our products.

There are also various types of inks, so research what is best for your type of project. For example, the same ink used for textile may not produce the same results on hardware. Large-format printers often use aqueous sublimation ink dyes, while wider-head printers may use solvent-type dyes.

Dye Sublimation Inks
Textile Pigment Inks
Reactive Dye Inks

About MT Team

MT develops, manufactures, sells and maintains dye sublimation printers, direct-to-fabric printer and direct-to-film printer(DTF printer) for textile industry. 

Reach out to us for expansion of your business capabilities in a smart and cost effective way with our complete offerings of various digital textile printers.

We as well provide ink & consumables for every product category, ( sublimation paper & ink) along with post printing & finishing solutions in High Quality Cutting, Heat Transfer & IR Conveyor Dryer.

MT-1908Pro Max Up-close Look

MT quality dye sub printing in a sleek space-saving design. Get fast, reliable dye-sub printing right out of the box with the 1.9m MT-P1908A1. MT-P1908A1 arrives with a host of convenient features to streamline workflow, including specialized transfer paper for both rigid and soft media.

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