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Direct to Substrate
UV Printer 6090

Direct to Substrate
UV Printer 6090


UV6090 application-signage
Golf Ball
Ceramic Art Tiles
Wood Boards
图层 4
Acrylic Sheet
UV Printer 6090

Any material for printing

  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Acrylic
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Ceramic
  • MDF
  • Correx
  • Home Textile
  • Phone Case
  • Bottle
  • Tumbler
  • Signage
  • Braille
  • Package
  •  Souvenirs
UV 6090 Do Even More...
Set Your Imagination FREE!


Multipurpose UV Printer 6090

MT UV printer 6090 can print to virtually any substrate and was developed for use in promotional, souvenirs, signage, and industrial decoration market segments. Perfect device to make you profit from personalized products.

It’s a small format direct UV printer perfectly suits for printing promotional applications and the largest variety of materials, with print area of 600mm*900mm(23.6″x35.4″), Max substrate height of 180mm (7.08″) height using UV curable inks that adhere to nearly anything at high quality 3200 dpi output. 

Small Format UV Printers In Use

Common Industries

Souvenirs, Promotional & Giftware

Impact printing of gifts and promotional items. Perfect for adding value to corporate gifts and promotional items – MT UV 6090 printers quickly and precisely imprint even the smallest text, photos, logos and other artwork on a wide variety of both cylindrical and flat items, including phone case, bottles, tumblers, golf balls,  flashes, key chains, pens,  awards, and photo frames.

Phone Case
UV6090 application - industrial-signage-001


Open a whole new world of possibilities for signage printing with the MT UV 6090 series. It allows you to print directly on braille, yard signs, signs designating, wayfinding signage, etc. One fantastic opportunity for your business growth in various signage marketplaces with this model. When you are in an office building, hospital, or university campus, notice all the signage you’ll find there. You might be surprised that they are all produced by UV printers.


Explore new applications and innovations for interior decor and exterior decoration with MT UV printer 6090 series. Whether the substrate is glass, acrylic, wood, plastic, or ceramic, one UV print machine 6090 can serve multiple industries, materials, and applications. From decorative glass panels and textural wood finishes to large scale statement murals and artistic metallic print bases.

UV6090 application - industrial-decoration-001
UV6090 application - industrial-product wood-001

Product Prototypes & Production

The MT UV Printer 6090 gives you the freedom to print exactly what you want, when you want and virtually to whatever you want. Fast color digital printing is possible for glass, acrylic, metal, plastics, board stocks, MDF, correx and more. Also works well for cylinder surfaces, bottles, golfs, cola cans, and candles, etc. Deliver the widest flexibility in commercial printing options for you.


UV Printing on custom boxes, short run packaging and packaging prototypes by MT UV printer 6090 series flatbed printer.

MT UV printer 6090 is an excellent choice for direct UV printing on cardboard box , shipping box , gift box, pizza box, custom box printing etc.

UV6090 application - industrial-packaging-001

All You Need to Know about MT UV 6090

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Small UV Flatbed Printer

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