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Flatbed UV Printer for Sale

Print to Almost Any Materials.

Factory Direct Sales, No Middleman Price Difference.

Flatbed UV Printer for Sale

Factory Direct Sales, No Middleman Price Difference.

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Get Your Own Super Award!
2000USD Coupons!

Happen During the Whole Christmas Season.

NEW multi-functional A3 UV printer supports flat and roll printing.  Direct-to-object printing and direct-to-film printing capabilities.

1pcs Epson i3200(8)-S1HD Printheads

Print sheets, boards, panels, and special shape materials on one machine.

2pcs Epson i3200 Printheads

CMYK, white, and varnish output at one time, add glossy (matte) texture and embossing for custom items.

2pcs Epson XP600 Printheads

Exceptional Quality Small Format UV Printer

Available in a choice of different Epson print heads and configurations, MT UV 6090 Serie UV flatbed printer are unique devices that provide the best of both worlds with direct-to-substrate customization plus direct printing on flat and rotary substrates that are instantly ready for installation and working. Go from high-volume orders, to uniquely customized promotional products, to signage, to rotary in a snap.

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Perfect for Customization and Personalise

Print on Acrylic  /  Glass /  Metal /  Wood  /  MDF  / Corrugated Plastic / Foam Board / Signage / Golf Ball / Tumblers / Promotional Items 

*Access Flat Substrates Printing Business

Print on a variety of flat substrates using the best seller MT UV wide format printers UV 6090, including glass, acrylic, plastic, coroplast sign, wood, MDF, metal, and more. You’ll have the versatility needed to swiftly and easily print unique graphics on various promotional products with UV direct-to-substrate and direct-to-object printing capabilities. 

So, in another word, one unit affordable UV printer UV 6090 model actually can be a UV acrylic printer, UV wood printer, UV MDF printer, UV signage printer…etc, based on your needs. 

*Access Cylinder Items Printing Business

Access new, profitable business opportunities with stunning applications on cylinder items with MT flatbed printer UV 6090 series, and for less than you might think.

Make it fast and make it easy with our right rotary jigs. With its rotary printing capability, you can add personalized graphics to a number of cylindrical and tapered goods that regular flat UV printing can’t accommodate, such as bottles, cups, travel mugs, drumsticks, tumblers, candles, jars, cola cans, and more. The right jig allows you to align your prints perfectly every time and maximize output.

*Access High-Profit UV DTF Applications

New emerged UV direct-to-film printing solves lots of issues, and offers some amazing opportunities for your UV Printer that you likely had not even considered.

In the case of using the MT UV 6090 series, you’ll print directly onto an adhesive film, laminate it, and then apply it like a high end sticker to just about anything. This is the ideal UV DTF printer you are looking for.

UV DTF let’s you apply dimensional, professional high resolution graphics to surprising surfaces. You can apply a UV DTF decal to multifaceted surfaces with ease.

As a premium digital UV printer manufacturer in China with more than 16 years of industry experience, we can offer the best DTF UV printer price for your profitable project.

*Access Signage Printing Business

MT-UV 6090Pro UV printer can be used to print ADA-compliant Braille signage. As you know, braille signage printing could be the most profitable aspect of UV application.There is such a large market for braille signage! And with the new capabilities of MT UV printers, you can be in that braille signage business.

Besides, the wayfinding signage is another important application case. It will be the best UV printer for printing signage for hospitals and signage for university’s campus.

MT Flatbed UV Printer UV 6090 Options

Factory Direct Sale

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(Without Printhead Package)


(Without Printhead Package)

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Key Features

UV Printing Machine UV 6090 Series

1. High Precision Epson Print Heads

Equips latest MEMS technology Epson print heads, ensure high-precision and amazing image quality output to meet your needs.  Each print head accommodates total of 12 channels color & white, designed for cost-efficient head replacement.

2. Continuous Ink Supply System

Continuous ink supply system (CISS) help to reduce frequent addition of ink. White ink circulation system and ink shortage warning system play a great role to create optimal ink flow and minimized maintenance.

3. UV LED Curing Technology

UV curing is a process that uses electronic ultraviolet (UV) light to cure the ink. Air-cooled UV LED lamps cure the ink instantly and make it securely adhere to the substrate, with adequate depth of cure without being sticky or flakey, to offer the vibrant and lasting prints.

4. Adequate Print Area and Print Height

The max print area of 600mm*900mm(23.6"x35.4") and the max substrate height 180mm(7") bring more possibilities for various promotional products business. 

5. Supports Different Rotary Jigs

You'll attain a special surface printing solution with this model, optional jigs helps you to explore more possibilities. Enhances your productivity for higher capacity and makes it easy to print on various rotary surface.

6. Vacuum Bed

The vacuum bed is the most crucial configuration of the MT-UV 6090Pro to guarantee the perfect planarity and keep the print material flat. Thanks to that, you'll get a consistent and perfect print for your print project, even if you print the light, thin material like foam core and corrugated plastic, etc.

7. Efficient and User-friendly Control Panel

It enables you to access the most used functions: -Carry out nozzle inspections and head cleanings. -Automated and manual flatbed height adjustment. -Bed movement backward and forward

8. Superior Fabricated Components

Kevlar belts and sturdy Leadshine Servo motors were used for this model to ensure durability and long-lasting.

9. No Installation Required

The concept of simple design and user-friendly are fully reflected in this UV printer machine. No installation is required before you use it, and the whole printing process is fully controlled by software. Even if you are fresh in UV printing industry, you can master and operate it at ease. -While not strictly a feature of the MT-UV6090Pro itself, we use professional mini UV Photoprint RIP software developed by SAI, which takes the printer’s capabilities up a notch.

MT-UV6090 series use Epson i3200(XP600)print heads allowing it to print high quality images at much faster speeds. The standard CMYKW inks are assigned to two of the print heads, leaving the last four customizable with any combination of Varnish to suit your specific needs.

Ink System

Continuous ink supply system (CISS) help to reduce frequent addition of ink. White ink circulation system and ink shortage warning system play a great role to create optimal ink flow and minimized maintenance. Each 500 mL / 1L large ink tank is designed to operate as a bulk ink solution.


White Ink


White ink allows you to print directly onto dark and clear materials.White ink stirring function of MT UV 6090  ensures ink fluency, ink shortage alarm system.

You can print solid white imprints, or use it as an opaque base for color imprints. It can also be printed as a gradient under photographs, giving you white highlights where you need them.


MT UV 6090 use the Mini UV Photoprint RIP Software, powered by global leader SAI, is one of the most powerful and versatile RIP software products available. This model is fully controlled by software, no installation needed. Software and hardware bench marking against international quality, differ from most China domestic machines.

We also offer customized ICC color profiling to improve the accuracy and consistency of color imprints from one substrate to another. It’s a chargeable item, you can get support from us directly.

MT offers enhanced remote installation and training with all UV 6090 printer purchases. MT offers a one-year warranty on our uv 6090Pro printer to give you peace of mind. We pride ourselves on our top notch technical support via telephone, email, live chat and whatapp video so you can reach us any time you have a question or run into difficulty.

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Discover Whole New Print Possibilities

Selecting a UV printer for your business can be difficult for many reasons. It’s a big investment, so you’ll want to ensure that any hardware and software solutions you select work for all of your business’printing needs and goals.

If you’re struggling to narrow down your options or don’t know where to start, download our catalogue,  today to get started. We’ll walk you through the biggest factors in printer selection to help you find the best solution for your business.

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Small UV Flatbed Printer


With Epson I3200 Printhead


With Epson i3200 Printhead


With Epson i3200 Printhead


With Epson xp600 Printhead


With Epson xp600 Printhead


With Epson i3200 Printhead

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