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Entry-Level Price, Professional Results
The Perfect Solution for Double-Sided Printing on Polyester and Polyester Blended Fabrics





Entry-Level Price, Professional Results
The Perfect Solution for Double-Sided Printing on Polyester and Polyester Blended Fabrics




Double sided Fabric Printers

Experience the pinnacle of fabric printing technology with our revolutionary MT-DP-180 Double-Sided Digital Textile Printing Machine. Meticulously designed and engineered, this state-of-the-art machine pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in textile printing. With its advanced features, unparalleled precision, and exceptional print head technology, it empowers designers, manufacturers, and artists to bring their visions to life with breathtaking clarity and detail.


Double-Sided Printing

Experience newfound design freedom with the MT-DP-180’s double-sided printing technology. Our breakthrough machine features a dual-head module that enables vibrant, full-color reproduction on both sides of the fabric, not only achieving the same design and color, but also creating different colors and designs on each side of the fabric. Say goodbye to boring opposites – now you can create stunning double-sided textiles that mesmerize from every angle.

Printing Mode:

Print same patterns and colors

Print same patterns in different colors

Print different patterns and colors

Single-Sided Printing

In addition to double-sided printing, our machine also caters to single-sided printing needs. By utilizing a single head module, you have the flexibility to print on one side of the fabric. This versatility ensures that you can adapt to different design requirements and optimize productivity based on the specific demands of your projects.

Advanced Drying Method

The MT-DP-180 incorporates a sophisticated drying system that provides options for drying before and/or after printing. This flexibility enables you to customize your workflow based on the fabric type, humidity conditions, and desired production speed. With adjustable temperature settings, you can precisely control the drying process, ensuring optimal color fastness and durability while maintaining the integrity of the fabric. The smoke and waste gas generated after drying pass through our special treatment system and there is no smell even when the machine is used in the office.

High Precision Model

Our machine is available in two high precision print head models: Gen6 and Gen5. The Gen6 model represents the cutting edge of printing technology, delivering unrivaled precision and speed. Choose from various dpi options, including 2pass (600/600dpi), 3pass (600/900dpi), and 4pass (600*1200dpi), depending on the level of detail and resolution required for your designs. The Gen5 model also offers impressive printing speeds and resolutions, making it a reliable choice for achieving precise and intricate prints.

Gen6 Printhead

Gen5 Printhead

Large Printing Width

With a generous printing width of 1800mm, the MT-DP-180 caters to the demand for larger-scale textile printing. This spacious canvas allows you to unleash your creativity without limitations, accommodating expansive designs, seamless patterns, and bold graphics. Expand your artistic horizons and make a statement with prints that truly captivate.

Print Head Technology

 At the heart of the MT-DP-180 lies the cutting-edge print head technology. Powered by advanced Ricoh print heads, this machine ensures unmatched precision, exceptional reliability, and longevity. These industry-leading print heads feature micro-piezo technology, which enables precise droplet control for accurate color placement and exceptional image clarity. With multiple nozzles per color, the print heads deliver astonishing print speeds while maintaining superior quality. Experience the next generation of print head technology and witness your designs come to life in remarkable detail.

Automatic Nozzle Cleaning

The MT-DP-180 is equipped with an automatic nozzle cleaning system, ensuring optimal print head performance and reducing maintenance downtime. This intelligent system cleans the nozzles automatically, preventing clogging and ensuring consistent ink flow. Additionally, the machine features an automatic moisturizing system, further contributing to the longevity and reliability of the print heads.

Ink Options

Choose from a range of ink configurations to suit your specific printing needs. The MT-DP-180 supports 4 colors, 6 colors, or 8 colors, offering versatility and enabling you to achieve a wide spectrum of colors and effects. Whether you’re printing on cotton, silk, wool, linen, or chemical fiber, our ink solutions provide vibrant, durable, and colorfast results. Compatible ink types include Reactive Ink, Acid Ink, and Disperse Direct Injection Ink, ensuring excellent color reproduction and compatibility with various fabric types.

4 colors, 6 colors, or 8 colors


What MT-DP-180 Can Create For You.

MT-DP-180 double-sided digital printing machine opens up infinite possibilities of textile printing. Here are some of its key applications:

Textile - Double-Sided Digital Textile Printer - PD 180_appli_Silk scarf-01
Silk scarf

Double-sided textile printing technology can replace flatbed textile machines. Double-sided textile printing not only allows for the same design and color, but also enables the creation of different colors on each side of the fabric. This is the optimal artistic solution for scarves.

Textile - Double-Sided Digital Textile Printer - PD 180_appli_Wool textile-01
Wool textile

The hardest media for digital textile printing is wool. Wool flakes will stop the effect of ink penetration to fiber and also affect homogeneity of evaporation. Wool textile looks dark and tint without homogeneity. Double sided textile printing prints double sided of textile at same time to make wool textile looking and touching perfect.

Textile - Double-Sided Digital Textile Printer - PD 180_appli_Garment textile-01
Garment textile

Silk scarf is easy to reveal the other side and if back side silk color is lint, then it looks bad. “same pattern with same color” art is solving the problem. Using “different pattern with different color” art to make a hard copy textile for brand owner by different design of front and back side art.

Textile - Double-Sided Digital Textile Printer - PD 180_appli_Digital dye-01
Digital dye

Double sided digital double sided printing can make “Digital dying” come true which is suitable for small orders and cut 50% sewage discharging, besides, Double sided textile printing technology can replace handwork batik, therefore, Digital batik can solve batik art and clothes problems.

Textile - Double-Sided Digital Textile Printer - PD 180_appli_Home textile-01
Home textile

Most of home textile products needs double sided color. For example, Most of export orders like “same pattern with different color” double sided color bed sheet and tablecloth to upgrade its value. “same pattern with same color” curtain and screen can upgrade art istic taste. And till now, Towel, handkerchief, flannelette blanket etc. are waiting for a solution of double sided color.

The MT-DP-180 Double-Sided Digital Textile Printing Machine is packed with advanced functions to optimize your printing process:

Synchronous Print: Synchronize data transfer control between the two printing carriages, ensuring simultaneous printing and precise alignment.

Automatic Alignment: Continuously collect textile images and automatically correct alignment errors for accurate and seamless printing.

Tension Control: Maintain constant tension by synchronously moving the main roller and structure, providing consistent and high-quality prints.

Adjustable Tension Data: Set and save different tension data for various fabric types, ensuring optimal printing results.

Belt Cleaning: Automatically link the print process with the belt cleaning device for efficient maintenance and optimal performance.

Print Head Maintenance: The machine features a sealed moisturization system, ink purging, and a head shave device to ensure the stability and longevity of the print heads.

Height Adjustment: Automatically adjust the printing carriage height for different fabric thicknesses, ensuring precise printing results.

Control System: Equipped with an industry-level PLC control system, providing stability and reliability for seamless operation.

Ink Supply: The negative pressure ink supply system, combined with a wriggle pump to reduce bubbles, ensures consistent and uninterrupted ink supply. An abnormal ink supply protection system further enhances performance.

Textile Media Compatibility: The machine supports a wide range of textile media, including both permeable and heavy impermeable fabrics.

Alignment Data Input: Manually input alignment data for non-recognition information images, ensuring accurate and precise printing.

Frill Check: The machine includes a sensor to detect fabric frills, pausing printing and providing an alert when frills are detected.

Print Note: Automatically records all print job details for convenient reference and tracking.

Ink Cost Statistics: Automatically calculates ink usage levels and print costs, enabling efficient cost management.

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Why We Choose Ricoh GEN5/GEN6 Printhead ?

The MT-DP-180 Double-Sided Digital Textile Printing Machine is equipped with state-of-the-art Ricoh GEN5/GEN6 print heads, setting new industry standards for precision and performance. Here are the specific functions and characteristics of the print heads:

Micro-Piezo Technology

The print heads utilize advanced micro-piezo technology, which enables precise droplet control for accurate color placement and sharp image reproduction. This technology ensures that every intricate detail of your design is faithfully reproduced on the fabric.

Multiple Nozzles

The print heads are equipped with multiple nozzles per color, enabling high-speed printing without compromising quality. With a higher number of nozzles, the machine achieves faster print speeds while maintaining exceptional print resolution and color accuracy.

Reliability and Longevity

Ricoh GEN5/GEN6 print heads are known for their exceptional reliability and longevity. They are engineered to withstand the demands of continuous high-volume printing, ensuring consistent performance and extended lifespan.

Superior Color Reproduction

The print heads deliver exceptional color reproduction, accurately capturing the nuances and vibrancy of your designs. With precise color placement and consistent ink delivery, your prints will exhibit vivid and lifelike hues that leave a lasting impression.


You’ll Need to Use a Specific Type of Ink.

Choose from our range of high-quality ink options, tailored to your specific printing requirements. The MT-DP-180 supports Reactive Ink, Acid Ink, and Disperse Direct Injection Ink, enabling you to achieve optimal color vibrancy, durability, and compatibility with different fabric types. Whether you need four colors, six colors, or eight colors, our ink solutions deliver exceptional results and ensure that your prints stand the test of time.

MT-DP-180 Up-close Look

Experience the future of textile printing with the MT-DP-180 Double-Sided Digital Textile Printing Machine. Its innovative features, high precision capabilities, and state-of-the-art print head technology make it an indispensable tool for designers, manufacturers, and artists. Unlock new creative possibilities and achieve stunning results with this cutting-edge printing solution.

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