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Small Format UV Flatbed Printer

MT- UV6090Pro

Suitable for commercial printers,promotional products companies and signmakers.

Small Format UV Flatbed Printer

MT- UV6090Pro


Perfect for Customization and Personalise

Print on Acrylic  /  Glass /  Metal /  Wood  /  MDF  /  Correx / Tumblers / Promotional Items /  Golf Ball / Signage 

Why MT-UV 6090Pro is Right for Your Business?

If you are looking for an inkjet UV printer for promotional items or small format signage printing, you’re in the right place here!

MT-UV 6090 Pro, a small format uv flatbed printer perfectly suits for printing specialty applications and the largest variety of materials, with max print area 600mm*900mm(23.6″x35.4″), max substrate height 180mm (7.08″) height using UV curable inks that adhere to nearly anything at high quality 3200 dpi output. 

The versatility and more options in the MT-UV 6090Pro UV printer turns it from an appliance, from a production tool, into a problem solver. This model will be a great help if you have a very specific item you need to print for manufacturing or mass production of promotional products, as well the printing demands of wood, glass, acrylic, metal graphic etc.

It means that you can print more glass, wood, acrylic, metal graphic, phone cases, purses, puzzle pieces, bottles, golf ball, tumblers, yard signs, wayfinding signage, stickers, etc. 

1.UV 6090Pro for Flat Surface

Brand, imprint and customize almost any flat substrate with the MT-UV 6090Pro vibrant, durable and high quality output.

Brilliant at printing flat promotional items like phone cases, USB drivers,keychains, caps, pens, puzzle pieces, etc. Also performs well on standard rigid materials like wood, glass, acrylic, MDF, aluminum, Foamex, Correx, and Dibond among many other substrates.

2. UV 6090Pro for Cylindrical Surface

The great applications of printing on cylindrical objects must be mentioned for the MT – UV 6090Pro! It will broaden your business scope and bring more possibilities for you.

An optional hardware addition that fits down into the bed area of the MT- UV 6090Pro, the rotary jig attachment will allow you to print on a wide variety of cylindrical objects – like the tumblers, bottles, candles, golf balls, cola cans etc.

Tumbler printer, golf ball printing machine, digital UV bottle printer…more applications on one UV machine.

3.New UV Direct to Film Printing Solution

New emerged UV printing direct-to-film solves a completely different set of issues, and offers some amazing opportunities for your UV Printer that you likely had not even considered.

In the case of using the MT-UV 6090Pro, you’ll print directly onto an adhesive film, laminate it, and then apply it like a high end sticker to just about anything. This is the ideal UV DTF printer you are looking for.

UV DTF let’s you apply dimensional, professional high resolution graphics to surprising surfaces. You can apply a UV DTF decal to multifaceted surfaces with ease.

And don’t forget more common applications like equipment labeling and branding and marking common surfaces.

4.Signage Printing Solution

With MT-UV 6090Pro, you can print direct to substrate for small format signage. It delivers high quality signs and plaques for metal, glass, wood, acrylic, plastic and more.

MT-UV 6090Pro UV printer can be used to print ADA-compliant Braille signage. As you know, braille signage printing could be the most profitable aspect of UV application.

Besides, the wayfinding signage is another important application case. It will be the best UV printer for printing signage for hospitals and signage for university’s campus.

MT-UV 6090Pro

Ideal for Promotional Products Printing

Flat and Cylinder Items Printing Solution

Advantages of MT-UV 6090Pro

The Highlights of MT-UV 6090Pro

1: Vacuum Bed

The vacuum bed is the most crucial configuration of the MT-UV 6090Pro to guarantee the perfect planarity and keep the print material flat. Thanks to that, you’ll get a consistent and perfect print for your project, even if you print the light, thin material like foam core and corrugated plastic, etc.

2: Flexible Option for Rotary Attachment

Creating an accurate print on a cylinder surface is pretty simple with MT-UV 6090Pro. A special rotary attachment is required for cylindrical item printing.

We provide a variety of printing attachments, making it so easy to print various gift and promotional items. No obstacles at all!

3: Automatic Media Height Adjustment

This setting allows the height to be readjusted automatically to continue printing even when the object to be printed on moves out of position or lifts up and comes into contact with the head gap sensor during printing.

4: Compatible Ink System

Our compatible ink system means you can control what kind of inks you use flexibly, rather than being limited to the machine itself. The result is that you control your ink cost always and reduce your costs in the final.

We supply high-quality and cost-effective LED UV ink you need. All the ink has passed strict tests, and we provide customized standard ICC and wave files to support you get superb print quality.

5: Print Height and Print Diameter

Maximum Print Height:180mm(7”)

Print Diameter: 45 mm ~ 110 mm(1.77”-4.33”) 

Custom cylindrical gifts and promotional items ! You can add the rotary jig to your MT -UV 6090 Pro for customizing and huge demand projects, such as custom tumblers, travel cup, sports ball,etc.

6: No Installation Required , Full Controled by Software

While not strictly a feature of the MT-UV6090Pro itself, we use professional mini UV Photoprint RIP software developed by SAI, which takes the printer’s capabilities up a notch.

The concept of simple design and user-friendly are fully reflected in this UV printer machine. No installation required before you use it. Even if you are fresh for uv printing industry, you can master and operate it with ease. 

Free Accessory List

Accessories & RIP Softw


Mini UV Photoprint Rip Software




USB Data Cable


Spare Dampers Set


Ink Pad


Ink Tube


Long Screwdriver


Short Screwdriver


Allen Wrench


Power Cable


Nozzle Screw


Gloves and Maintenance Syringes


Mini Supply of Lubricants for Greasing the Rails and Tracks


Lint Free Wipes


Print Head Data Cable


Anti Static Brush


Searching for the Perfect UV Printer?

Selecting a UV printing machine for your business can be difficult for many reasons. It’s a big investment, so you’ll want to ensure that any hardware and software solutions you select work for all of your business printing needs and goals.

If you’re struggling to narrow down your options or don’t know where to start, download our catalog,  today to get started. We’ll walk you through the biggest factors in printer selection to help you find the best solution for your business.

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Small UV Flatbed Printer

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Small UV Flatbed Printer

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