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The Latest Direct to Pacakge Printing Solution

New Generation Single Pass Printer

Take your corrugated box and display printing business to the next level. 

The Latest Direct to Pacakge Printing Solution

New Generation Single Pass Printer

MT Single Pass Printer Introduction

MT single pass printer represents the next-generation, direct-to-package solution. Whatever your printing need, MT single pass printer has the right solution for you! It equips with continuous or intermittent feeding function, great for cardboard or porous substrates printing. You can enhance pre-existing printing business for packaging industry or start new with a complete turnkey solution from us. Whether it’s  sustainable cardboard, paper bags, envelopes, stand up pouches, boxes, napkins, tags, coasters, greeting cards, postcards,or more, the line of MT single pass printer are ready to provide you with high-speed, high-quality, four-color CMYK inkjet printing!

Overview of One Pass Printer

Combine with the reliability and precision, MT single pass inkjet printers would be your perfect option for industrial applications of cardboard. Anything that is moved in line can be digitally printed without contact, using the appropriate ink for each type of application, choosing one or multi-color. The sheets are moved by a conveyor belt equipped with a vacuum system which makes them adhere perfectly to its surface. All sheet impurities are eliminated through a rotating brush, before the sheet is introduced into the printing unit.

Product Details

Motorized introduction roller, adjustable in height according to the thickness of the cardboard to be printed;

Rotating and suction brush system at the entrance of the sheets;

Automatic detection of thickness and imperfections of the sheets before their introduction under the printer head;

Conveyor belt with variable speed using inverter;

Automatic lifting of the head to facilitate cleaning and maintenance;

Electrical panel with PLC.

MT - A3 Single Pass Printer

A3 HP X293 Printhead

Printhead Type

305mm (12”)

Print Width

Pigment / Dye Ink

Ink Type


Max Speed

MT single pass printer can print fast on carton packaging at a speed of 80m/min. This printing speed can basically meet the needs of small batch packaging customization. Additionally, MT single pass printer allows for customization with HP printing nozzles. The printing format of a single nozzle is 305mm.

Relying on low-cost inks and eco-friendly cartridges, the company allows users to add ink to the ink cartridges themselves to suit their needs. It doesn’t use encrypted ink cartridges, which bind to high ink prices. Instead, users can buy suitable inks in the market to lower overall costs.

MT Single Pass also offers CYMK full-color printing technology, while monochrome printing can also be set up in the accompanying software. Additionally, the technology provider offers OEM & ODM support, with rich experience to assist customers with the fastest and most complete solutions to their needs.

High productivity and maximum efficiency

MT single pass printer features a robust design for entry-level use for high reliability and productivity. It balances board handling and print quality with:

  • The ability to handle all cardboard or porous substrates
  • High force hold-down transport
  • No stop in production due to damaged boards
  • Non-clogging, high-performing printheads that don’t need to be changed frequently
  • Equipment designed for serviceability, which guarantees easy operation and maintenance
  • Powerful image management and data collection software
  • New intuitive, user-friendly interface
High-quality graphics printing

MT single pass printer is the most efficient way to produce superior printed packaging that will enhance shopping and consumer experiences. Profit from the perfect balance between color masses and text definition with:

  • High viscosity inks that provide excellent color saturation and coverage
  • More grayscale levels and high-speed jetting printheads, resulting in increased accuracy and smooth color gradients
Mindful sustainability

MT single pass printer balances efficient processes, lower resource consumption, reduced waste and full recyclability, contributing to circular economy of corrugated thanks to:

  • Up to 35% lower energy consumption than flexo printing
  • More efficient process – no plates or ink mix stocks needed, no more overproduction and simplified inventories
  • Less waste generated – no water needed for cleaning, minimum ink and boards during set-up
  • Virtually no VOC emissions
  • Fully recyclable and repulpable inks
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Core Technology Hightlight

MT single pass printer offers high-speed, on-demand, inkjet printing. MT products are ideal for workshop, production facilities, packaging manufactures, print rooms and more.

Integrated Ink Circuit System

Integrated negative pressure ink circuit system for easy maintenance Stable negative pressure ink pressure supply system to achieve perfect printing effect.

CMYK Full Color Printing

It supports CMYK full color printing, and any other specific color printings by easily settings in the software.

Huge Variety of Applications

Digital single pass printers for packaging can be used to print on paper bags, cotton bags, canvas bags, cartons and any other absorbent substrate.

paper bags

canvas bag

stand up pouches


sustainable cardboard




greeting cards


Industry Applications

* Packaging Industry

– Single Pass Jet’s printer addresses the unique needs of the packaging industry by offering a low-cost, fast printing solution.

* Printing Industry

 – Single Pass Jet’s printer disrupts the traditional printing methodology and offers customizable printing solutions.

* Manufacturing Industry

 – The fast printing capabilities of Single Pass Jet’s printer allows for increased customization and efficiency within the manufacturing industry.

Single Pass Printer-appli_Industry Implications_001
Single Pass Printer-Trend Themes_001

Trend Themes

  1. Fast Package Printing – Single Pass Jet’s single-pass printer offers a fast printing solution for small batch packaging customizable needs.

  2. Customizble Colors – CYMK full-color printing technology allows for customizable packaging designs, disrupting traditional packaging printing technology.

  3. Low-cost Inks – Low-cost inks and eco-friendly cartridges lower the overall costs of packaging printing.

Tech Support

MT digital Industry is a China-based inkjet printer manufacturer whose products can be found in offices around the globe. 

For over 16-years, MT has provided the most dependable technology and a higher level of service and support to ensure that industry professionals can keep producing and keep profiting. MT offers enhanced remote installation and personalized training for you and your staff with your purchase of our single pass printer.

We also offer a 1-YEAR WARRANTY on our one pass printer to give you peace of mind. We pride ourselves on our top notch technical support via Live chat, WhatsApp, email, Wechat, and telephone, so you can reach us any time you have a question or run into difficulty. 

Discover Whole New Print Possibilities

Selecting a single pass printer for your business can be difficult for many reasons. It’s a big investment, so you’ll want to ensure that any hardware and software solutions you select work for all of your business’printing needs and goals.

If you’re struggling to narrow down your options or don’t know where to start, download our catalogue,  today to get started. We’ll walk you through the biggest factors in printer selection to help you find the best solution for your business.

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