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MT A3 Single Pass Printer

Designed and built for the packaging sign and display graphics market.
MT A3 Single Pass Printer

Designed and built for the packaging sign and display graphics market.

Versatile Applications

Paper Bags / Canvas Bag / Coasters / Greeting Cards / Stand Up Pouches / Napkins / Sustainable Cardboard / Postcards / Tags / Envelopes etc

Single Pass Printer -many applications_paper bags_001

paper bags

Single Pass Printer -many applications_canvas bag_01

canvas bag

Single Pass Printer -many applications_coasters_01


Single Pass Printer -many applications_greeting cards_01

greeting cards

Single Pass Printer -many applications_stand up pouches_01

stand up pouches

Single Pass Printer -many applications_tags_01


Single Pass Printer -many applications_napkins_01


Single Pass Printer -many applications_sustainable cardboard_01

sustainable cardboard

Single Pass Printer -many applications_postcards_01


Single Pass Printer -many applications_envelopes_01


Single Pass Printer Do Even More...
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Multipurpose A3 One Pass Printer

Printhead Specification

  • Printhead Type: A3 HP X293 Printhead
  • Print Width:  305mm (12”)
  • Ink Type: Pigment / Dye Ink
  • Max Speed: 80m/min

Industry Applications

Single Pass Printer -industry applications_packaging_001

Packaging Industry

MT single pass printer addresses the unique needs of the packaging industry by offering a low-cost, fast printing solution.

Single Pass Printer -industry applications_printing_001

Printing Industry

MT single pass printer disrupts the traditional printing methodology and offers customizable printing solutions.

Single Pass Printer -industry applications_Manufacturing_001

Manufacturing Industry

The fast printing capabilities of MT single pass printer allows for increased customization and efficiency within the manufacturing industry.

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