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MT-DTF 60Plus

DTF Printer and DTF Shake Powder Machine for Sale

No middleman price difference, directly connect to the factory base, buy a better DTF system for less money.

MT-DTF 60Plus

Factory Price DTF Printer

No middleman price difference,  buy a better DTF system for less money.



(Without Printhead Package)

  • Type: All in one 
  • Size: 60cm (24″) print width
  • Printhead: 2 Epson i3200 Printheads
  • Speed: 91 per hour/28m per hour (17㎡/h)
  • Productivity: up to 188 Tshirts prints per hour (print area 30cm*30cm)
  • Resolution: 3220dpi
  • Colors: CMYK+W
  • Powder shaker and printer 2 in 1
  • Adaptive Height Adjustment: 2mm~5mm
  • Ink Droplet Size: 3.8PL-12PL
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Multiple Applications of DTF Printer

Customize anything! More than Just T-Shirts, Jeans, sweatshirts, koozies, Hats, golf towels, socks, masks, canvas shoes, jackets, sleeves, children’s clothes, canvas, cushion covers, Hoodies, backpacks, and Sweaters. Without limits.

Suitable for almost all types of fabrics. It works on both white and dark textiles. No pre-treatment is required.

How Much Money Can You Make with DTF?

Before start your new DTF printing business, you typically want to know how much this new service will cost. Let’s see how the DTF printer to be hands-down winner for your project!You need to know the print speed of robust MT-DTF 60Plus (2pcs Epson i3200 heads)first. 17㎡/h ,it means that you can print up to 188 T-Shirt prints per hour.

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Cost per design:

Ink Costs: $0.5

Powder Costs: $0.6

Film Costs: $0.1

Garment Costs Per Print: $1.19

Total Cost Per Print: $3.19

Number of Prints Per Hour: 188pcs

Retail Price Per Print: $19.9

So putting this all together:
188pcs Garment Costs
X 188
= $599.72 or less
$ 19.9
X 188
= $3,741.2
- $599.72
= $3,141.48

You might easily expect each of these custom shirts to cost on the exceptionally low end $15 each and in many markets up to $19.90 per shirt. Thus:

Final Profits:  $3,141.48

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What You Need to Prepare for DTF Printing?

Cold / Hot Peel DTF Pet Film
MOQ :10 Rolls

DTF printers use transfer films that differ from the ones used by screen printers. A DTF transfer film is 0.75mm thick, making it a better-transferring feature and has transfer chart eristics that are better all around for working with multiple unique garment types. These films are commonly referred to as Direct to Film or DTF transfer films.

They are available for small-scale users in cut sheets and big commercial businesses as rolls. DTF Transfer Film can be peeled warm or cold, based on temperature. You can choose either our glossy or matte DTF transfer film for different needs, which are ideal for design professionals who need high-quality, durable, large-format color prints.

DTF Pigment Ink
MOQ : 20L

Our DTF printers use unique pigment ink designed in white, yellow, cyan, magenta, black, and fluorescent colors. 

For smooth printing, high-quality ink is needed to ensure that the printhead won’t clog.  We offer a DTF ink lineup with high color density and saturation, excellent performance, and durability, all of the quality assurance is good due to rigorous testing. 

Hot-Melt Adhesive Powder
MOQ : 10Kg

DTF powder facilitates a successful transfer of vivid colors, graphics, or images from the DTF transfer film to the fabric, upon exposure to heat. It covers the transfer film print completely before the pressing process starts. No pretreatment.

Based on texture, the DTF powder can be classified as fine powder, medium powder, and coarse powder. And based on color, it can be classified as white powder and black powder. They are suitable for different printing cases and also offer different printing effects.

Automated Powder Shaker
Whole DTF Kit

The DTF powder shaker machine plays a crucial role in ensuring a high-quality end product.

The above application showcase is so because it applies the powder evenly while removing the excess powder. Therefore, the shake powder machine ensures that your designs will not have extra powder patches.

Heat Press Machine

Your heat press machine is just as important as your DTF printer. If you’re transferring onto flat fabric, a flatbed heat press machine is your best bet. They are great for printing t-shirts that require “all-over” designs.

If target for special surfaces such as caps, you’ll need a custom cap heat press machine, as shown in the left area of the picture.

We can provide various special shape heat press solutions for you.

Heat Press for Caps

Flatbed Heat Press

DTF Printer Software

Software plays an integral role in DTF printers. It determines the inks’ print characteristics, end print performance, and color performance.

Our DTF printer MT-DTF 60Plus use popular Photoprint RIP software that provided by SAI, which handles your CMYK, white and fluorescent colors,and offers the solution for all your design and printing needs.

MT DTF Printer,Your Ideal Option

Why Choose DTF Now?


While DTF printers are clearly a better option than DTG printers in many ways, here is a quick view to remind you why the former is a worthwhile investment.

1.Support multiple colors, no need for a substantial amount of investment to get the product into the market before you can see any profits in your bank account.

2. They are far more affordable than purchasing high-end DTG printers or other digital printing machines.

3. DTF printers produce defined and crisp images and edges in a single attempt.

4. DTF prints on demand well. If you are small printing business DTF printers are great at handling small orders.

5. No requirements to prepare the surface to reduce your production cost that translates into a boost in profit margins.

6. No water usage, lower wastage cost.

7. The system is easy to install and user-friendly. So you do not need to hire any specialists. Your current workforce can easily learn to operate the upcoming DTF machines.

Some other benefits over DTG:

If you need help getting started with DTF printing, you can always contact us anytime for advice or recommendations, to find the DTF printer that’s the best fit for your business.

Whether you are involved in large garment printing businesses or small businesses on a budget and wish to yield high rewards with the lowest possible investment, DTF printers are your new best friends. 

Discover Whole New Print Possibilities

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Ink Sac(White i3200)


Ink Tube


Nozzle Screw(M3*10)


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