MT-UV I3200

2-4pcs Epson I3200 Printheads
Max Printing Speed:9sqm/h

MT-UV 1904G

4pcs Ricoh Gen6 Printheads
Max Printing Speed:40sqm/h

MT-UV 3204G

4pcs Ricoh Gen6 Printheads
Max Printing Speed:40sqm/h

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You Have Found the largest and most reliable UV Printers Manufacturer Based in China.

We Can Supply You With UV Printers & PhotoPrint RIP Software, Inks/Cartridges, Print Heads, Inks, Coatings, Washing fluids,etc!

As a Factory, We Can Offer You the Best UV Printer Price.

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MT-UV Printer 

  • Wide Applications

UV printer will be your efficient option for rigid substrates and flexible materials printing . It‘s widely used for the home decoration industry, advertising industry, glass industry, etc.

  • Different Configurations

Multiple printhead configurations (Epson / Ricoh printhead) are available to meet different production demands.

  • High-quality UV Ink

High-density, high-adhesion,environmental-friendly uv inks offer exceptional results on metal, glass, acrylic, canvas, wallpaper, leather and more.

  • One-stop Solution

We also provide uv printer matching consumables for you to purchase.


2-16pcs Ricoh Gen5/Gen6 Printheads
Max Printing Speed:80sqm/h


2-16pcs Ricoh Gen5/Gen6 Printheads
Max Printing Speed:80-90sqm/h

MT - UV2000HE

4pcs Epson I3200 Printheads
Max Printing Speed:30sqm/h

MT - UV2000HR

6pcs Ricoh Gen5 Printheads
Max Printing Speed:70sqm/h

UV Printer Versatile Applications

What Type of UV Printer Do You Need?

Your printing application will determine the type of uv printer you need.
If you’re printing on rigid materials like glass, wood, acrylic, plastic etc, the flatbed uv printer will meet your demands well. For flexible materials, such as soft film, wallpaper, leather, etc, you’ll need a uv roll to roll printer. And the uv hybrid printer suits well for both rigid and flexible materials.

UV Flatbed Printer

Glass Printing

Wood Printing

Acrylic Printing

Aluminum Printing

Metal Printing

Ceramic Tile Printing

Roll To Roll UV Printer

Wallpaper Printing

Stretch Ceiling Printing

PVC table mat Printing

Leather Printing

Canvas Printing

Shower Curtain Printing

UV Hybrid Printer

Canvas Printing

Ceramic Printing

Sign Advertising Printing

Aluminum Printing

Corrugated Printing

Metal Printing

How good is UV printing?

UV-cured ink is less prone to scratches, fading, scuffs, or smudges during handling and transportation process. The UV printing process is kinder to the environment. Because UV-cured inks are not solvent-based, there are no harmful substances to evaporate. Enjoy sharper, crisp and more vibrant results.

Various Certificate Support

– – –

Various certificates are available to ensure smooth customs clearance for North American and European customers.


What They Say About Us



MT printer enjoys good reputation from my friends, and I was well recommended.

I have visited MT company and factory last year, their supply capacity and superb service was enough for me to order machines.

When we need after-sales support, MT will always provide it in time which makes everything go well.

So glad to choose MT as our reliable partner. More bright expectations for my printing business!



United Kingdom

MT printer can really helps me make money!

The company is fortunate with people like you.Now the machine is ok, the problem actually is the computer assigned, something is wrong with the USB port. We are so happy with your assistance, maybe is easy the solution but when the people don’ t know, the feel is like a blind in middle of traffic.

Thank you again and God bless to you and your family.



Sarasota, FL,US

Thank you so much MT!

I am pleased to say that, the technical MT gave to us has been so helpful and we really appreciate it because the machine is printing so well and the owner is very happy with it, I found some bit of a problem understanding your manual, but after you sent us another manual with photo illustrations, it made things flow very well, So big ups to MT.

Thank you and looking forward to do more business with you again.


Ghali Al-Maradni


I love MT printer, my reliable supplier!

I want to compliment one of your excellent After-Service employees Mr.Kevin,He went to great lengths to help Us when our printer was not printimg normaly, Mr Kevin showed an enormous amount of professionalism & patience through the process of adjusting our printer.

We really appreciate his guidance and the time he spent with us.

Wholesale UV Printer


Various certificates are available to ensure smooth customs clearance for North American and European customers.

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Envolved in high-end digital printer manufacturing and suppling 15 years

We only produce and develop high-quality printers, and we value our customers’ feelings and feedback.


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All the machines sold will go through strict inspection, we are the most reliable DTF printer factory in China.

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MTuTech is the Largest and Most Reliable UV Printers Manufacturer Based in China!

We Offer Full Range of UV Printers and consumables such as Print Heads, Inks, Coatings, Washing fluids, etc are tested for their suitability in advance and coordinated!

We’ve been in the printing industry since 2004.

We are always committed to provide you with the best printing solution , help to choose the most suitable machine for you, so that boost your productivity and competitiveness. 

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