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As a Factory, We Can Offer You the Best Digital Textile Printer Price.

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Product Features


Focus on manufacturing and supplying digital textile printer over 15 years.

Different Configurations

Multiple printhead configurations are available to meet different production demands.

Wide Applications

Widely used for home textile fabrics,advertising flags,sports apparel, silk,cushions, sofa covers, bed sheets, curtains, etc all fabrics.


Get impressive results with extremely sharp lines and a wider colour gamut.


Enjoy stable product quality and continuously good results.

What Type of Fabric Printing Machine Do You Need?

Your printing application will determine the type of fabric printing machine you need.
If you’re printing on materials like cotton, silk or nylon, a direct-to-fabric printing machine will provide the exact chemistry you need. For polyester materials, you’ll need a dye sublimation printer.

Dye Sublimation Printers

Dye sublimation printing is an integral part of the textile market. The process creates the perfect chemistry for printing on polyester, which is one of the most popular textiles used for advertising flag printing, soft signage at trade shows, airports and malls. Sports apparel and home decoration such as tapestries and shower curtains are also best printed using dye sublimation techniques.

Dye Sublimation Printer


4pcs Epson I3200 Printheads

Max Printing Speed: 220sqm/

Dye Sublimation Printer


8pcs Epson I3200 Printheads

Max Printing Speed: 370sqm/h

Dye Sublimation Printer

MT-P1908 Pro Max

8pcs Epson S3200 Printheads

Max Printing Speed: 505sqm/h

Dye Sublimation Printer


15pcs Epson I3200 Printheads

Max Printing Speed: 620sqm/h

Direct To Fabric Printers

For cotton, silk, nylon and all other (non-polyester) fabric, the dye sublimation paper transfer process won’t work. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t print on these fabric! The process will just require different ink chemistry so you can print directly onto fabrics and not have to transfer from paper. Polyester applications that require deep ink penetration — like printing on flags — can also benefit more from a direct print process.

Direct to Fabric Printer


4pcs Epson I3200 Printheads

Max Printing Speed: 140.6sqm/h

Direct to Fabric Printer


4pcs Epson I3200 Printheads

Max Printing Speed: 140.6sqm/h

Digital Flag Printer


4pcs Epson I3200 Printheads

Max Printing Speed: 140.0sqm/h

Belt Textile Printers

The belt textile printer was specifically designed exclusively for direct to fabric printing for both stretchy fabrics and non-stretchy fabrics. High speed and quality digital printing for cotton, silk, lycra, spandex, hemp, and rayon.
It can print on all fabrics. It is suitable for customers who have a variety of fabric printing business to choose.


2/3/4/6 Pass

Printing Speed:

97.8/72.8/59.1/45.6 sqm/hour

MT-Belt R8


8pcs Gen 5 Printheads

Printing Speed: 130 sqm/hour

8pcs Gen 6 Printheads

Printing Speed: 160 sqm/hour

MT-Belt R16


16pcs Gen 5 Printheads

Printing Speed: 250 sqm/hour

16pcs Gen 6 Printheads

Printing Speed: 317 sqm/hour

MT-Belt R32


32pcs Gen 5 Printheads

Printing Speed: 480 sqm/hour

32pcs Gen 6 Printheads

Printing Speed: 634 sqm/hour

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Original Genuine Printheads

Digital textile printer is the latest developed direct inkjet equipment in recent years. It absorbs the feature of traditional textile print and the transformation method of rubber belt, to add the auto washing device for belt. It's widely used for home textile industry, clothing Industry, advertising industry etc.

High-precision Epson / Ricoh Print Head

Made For Printing

I3200 sprinkler

“Professional-grade Equipment With Ingenuity”

Stable And High-Speed Production Performance

Original Printhead

Ensure Excellent and High Speed Output

G6 sprinkler

Fabric Materials

We can provide the most suitable printing solution and pick the right textile printer for your project, whether targeting natural fiber (cotton, linen, wool, silk, etc) or man-made fiber (polyester, rayon, viscose, etc).

Elastic, Lycra, Spandex Printer
Silk Printer
Linen Printer
Wool Printer
Cotton Printer
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MeiTu Digital Industry Co.,Ltd.

MT-Digital Elastic, Lycra, Spandex Printer

MeiTu Digital Industry Co.,Ltd.

MT-Digital Linen Printer

MeiTu Digital Industry Co.,Ltd.

MT-Digital Silk Printer

MeiTu Digital Industry Co.,Ltd.

MT-Digital Wool Printer

MeiTu Digital Industry Co.,Ltd.

MT-Digital Cotton Printer

MeiTu Digital Industry Co.,Ltd.

MT-Digital Polyester Printer

MeiTu Digital Industry Co.,Ltd.

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Versatile Applications

Take a peek inside our Wonderworld


Home Textile


Sofa Cover


Table Cloth

Football Shirt

Bath Towel



Flag Fabric

Sports Appreal

Various Certificate Support

– – –

Various certificates are available to ensure smooth customs clearance for North American and European customers.

Excellent Services

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Complete Custom Printing Solution

Experts provide the best printing solution.

S 免费样品02

Free Sample Provided

Get a feel for our high-performance printer with free sample, tailored to your project.

S 保修02

One-year Warranty

365 days customer service and after-sales online service.

S 技术支持02

Lifetime Technology Support

Lifetime after-sales service and enjoy remote technical guidance for life.

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MT printer enjoys a good reputation
from my retail customers.

I found it has the highest repurchase rate among all the printer brands that I sell so far.

When we need after-sales support, MT will always provide it in time which makes everything go well.

So glad to choose MT as our long term partner. We all have bright expectations for the future!


United Kingdom


MT printer can really helps me make money!

The company is fortunate with people like you. Now the machine is ok, the problem actually is the computer assigned, something is wrong with the USB port. We are so happy with your assistance, maybe is easy the solution but when the people don’ t know, the feel is like a blind in middle of traffic.

Thank you again and God bless to you and your family.




Thank you so much MT!

I am pleased to say that, the technical MT gave to us has been so helpful and we really appreciate it because the machine is printing so well and the owner is very happy with it, I found some bit of a problem understanding your manual, but after you sent us another manual with photo illustrations, it made things flow very well, so big ups to MT.

Thank you and looking forward to do more business with you again.

Ghali Al-Maradni



I love MT printer, my reliable supplier!

I want to compliment one of your excellent After-Service employees Mr.Kevin. He went to great lengths to help Us when our printer was not printimg normaly, Mr Kevin showed an enormous amount of professionalism & patience through the process of adjusting our printer. 

We really appreciate his guidance and the time he spent with us.

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You can get support from our local agents and get feedback from the local customer.


Envolved in high-end digital printer manufacturing and suppling 15 years

We only produce and develop high-quality printers, and we value our customers’ feelings and feedback.


8,000 square meters factory

All the machines sold will go through strict inspection, we are the most reliable DTF printer factory in China.

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MTuTech is the Largest Digital Textile Printer Manufacture in China! We offer Belt Textile Printer, Direct to Fabric Printer, Dye Sublimation Printer, Printhead, Inks/Cartridges, Cleaners and Heat Presses!

We’ve been in the printing industry since 2004.
We are always committed to provide you with the best printing solution , help to choose the most suitable machine for you, so that boost your productivity and competitiveness. 

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